Welcome this is our First write up by Chris von Ulmenstein.

In speaking to Homespun Chef Matt Schreuder about his new restaurant opening at The Andros Boutique Hotel next month, he told me that his father, the well-known restaurateur Dale Schreuder known for the Dale’s steakhouses he has owned over the past more than 30 years, has opened a new restaurant with a completely different concept.

Harvest Culture Eaterie is Dale’s tenth restaurant, and describes itself as a ‘modern Bistro’, ‘celebrating Earth’s bounty’ .

On Saturday I drove through to the Northern Suburbs, to Tyger Falls Waterfront,  to try the new restaurant, lunching with owner Dale Schreuder, and with Chef Matt and his partner Elri. We were the first lunch table to be cooked for by the kitchen and to be served by the waitrons.

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